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Of Greek origin.

From the name of a Greek nymph and a Greek city.

According to Greek mythology, there are two female figures named Larisa.

One is the nymph Larissa, daughter of Pelasgus, who according to the myth he was the first man ever existed.

The second is –again- nymph Larissa, daughter of Pelasgian prince Piasus and wife of King Cyzicus.

Larisa is also the name of a Greek town and it means “citadel”, “acropolis”.

Larisa is a name associated with the astronomy. It’s the name of the fifth moon, satellite of planet Neptune, in honor of the mythological nymph Larisa.

Other forms of the name are Larissa, Lara, Larra, Larina, Larysa, Larrissa, Risa, Lerissa.

Name’s popularity rankings: #21 in Romania (2009), #60 in Slovenia (2016).

Famous bearers are Larisa Oleynik, Larisa Selezneva, Larisa Iordache, Larisa Lazutina, Larisa Bergen, Larisa Latynina.