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Of Hebrew origin.

From the name “Mikha’el”, meaning “who is like God”.

Michael is one of the seven archangels according to Hebrew tradition. He is the only one identified as an archangel in the Bible.

In the “Book of Revelation” in the New Testament he is the leader of heaven’s armies and that is the reason why, in many countries, he is considered as the patron saint of soldiers.

Nine Byzantine emperors were names Michael, including Michael Palaeologus who restored the empire in the 13th century.

Many rulers of Russia, Portugal, Poland, and Romania were also named Michael.

The name became popular in Western Europe and England after the 12th century.

In English, it is often shortened to Mike, Mickey or Mick.

Female forms of the name include Michelle, Michele, Michaela, Mikki, Michi, Mikaela, Mikhaila, Michala, Mika, Makayla.

Variants are Mikael, Micheal, Mikkel, Mikhael, Michel, Mikhail, Mitxel, Mikel, Miquel, Miho, Michalis, Miska, Miguel, Mickey, Miguelito, Misha.

Famous bearers are Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Michael Caine, Michael Douglas, Michael J. Fox, Michael Keaton, Michael Shumacher, Michael Kors, Michael Moore, Michael Sheen, Michael McIntyre, Michael Bublé, Michael Fassbender, Michael C. Hall, Michael Madsen, Michael Clarke Duncan, Michael York, Michael Gambon, Michael Nyqvist, Michael Rapaport, Michael Imperioli, Michael Chiklis, Michael Shannon, Michael Emerson, Michael Bartels, Michael Nyman.

Michael is a popular name in Ireland, United States, Greece, Austria and Australia.

Michael Jackson was and still is considered the “King of Pop”.

He was the world’s biggest pop star.

One of the greatest pop singers, songwriters, producers and dancer of the 20th century, a perfectionist in every aspect of his art.

His top music videos turned a simple means of promotion into art, for his songs “Thriller”, considered by several experts to be the best music video ever made, “Billy Jean” and “Beat it”.

He is recognized as one of the most popular recording artists of all time.