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Of Hebrew origin.

Feminine form of the name Michael, from the French masculine Michel.

Originally from the Hebrew name “Mikha’el”, meaning “who is like God”.

Michael is one of the seven archangels according to Hebrew tradition. He is the only one identified as an archangel in the Bible.

Other forms of the name are Michele, Michèle, Micaela, Michelyne, Michaela, Mikhaila, Miguela, Mika, Mickey, Mikki, Mica.

Masculine forms of the name are Michael, Mikael, Mikkel, Mikhail, Michel, Mick, Mitxel, Mikel, Miquel, Mickey, Miho, Michalis, Miska, Miguel, Miguelito, Misha.

Famous bearers are Michelle Pfeifer, Michelle Obama, Michelle Kwan, Michelle Rodriguez, Michele Yeoh, Michelle Williams, Michelle Wie, Michelle Fairlay, Michelle Monaghan, Michelle Wright, Michelle Johnson, Michelle Forbes.

American actress Michelle Pfeiffer is one of Hollywood’s most popular stars.

She starred in films like “Scarface”, “Dangerous Liaisons”, “The Fabulous Baker Boys”, “Batman Returns”, “Dangerous Minds”, “The Age of Innocence”, “Up Close and Personal”.

She’s worked with almost all the great directors and co-starred next to some of the greatest actors of her time, such as Brian De Palma, Stephen Frears, Martin Scorsese, Tim Burton, Al Pacino, Robert Redford, Jeff Bridges, John Malkovich, Daniel Day-Lewis.