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Of Greek and/or Germanic origin.

Alternative form of the name Rosabel.

Rosabelle derives from the combination of the name Rosa, the common name suffix “bel” and/or the name Bella.

It is also a combination or the names Rosa and Isabelle.

Suffixes are parts, morphemes, added at the end of words and names that form derivatives.

Rosabelle, may also be a combination of the two names Rosa and Belle. Belle being a short for Isabella or a variant of Bella.

So Rosabelle, occasionally, means “beautiful rose”.

“Rosabelle” is one of Sir Walter Scott’s beautiful poems. Scott is one of Scotland’s most famous writers, poets, and historians. His works include “Ivanhoe”, “The Lady of the Lake”, “Rob Roy”, etc.

Other forms of the name are Rosabel, Rosabell, Rosa, Rose, Rosalia, Róisín, Rosie, Rozalia, Rosy, Rosine, etc.

Famous bearer of the name was Rosabelle Sinclair.