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Baby Names that start with F

Baby names that start with F are associated with some fortunate features. Freshness, fantasy, friendship, freedom, are transmitted to names starting with F. Give these amazing possibilities to your boy or girl by choosing a most suitable baby name.

How many times have we wondered about the actual meaning of our own name?

There is no limit to the knowledge we find when searching for the meaning of the countless names in different languages and cultures.

That is why here in “babynamesfor” we aim at finding the most precise and significant information regarding names from around the world.

The first thing that people do when they meet a new person is introducing themselves by offering their name.

It’s all about first impressions and identity, so picking the right name for your baby is really important and we are here to help.

We are not just offering origin and popularity ranking. We go deeper and research about the meanings and symbolism.

There are several interesting and melodic names that start with the letter F.

It is associated with the notions of faith, fortune, family, and friendship, so the names that start with the letter F are instilled with such traits.

F is the sixth letter of the English alphabet.

The origin is Phoenician and Greek, which applies to most of the English letters.

F is a special letter. Going back to Ancient Greek, we find that F is related to both the letters Y and the digram Ph (Φ), which was later transcripted in the Latin alphabet as F.

Φ is the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet and is a significant symbol in math and science.

Lowercase φ is the symbol of “golden ratio”, also mentioned as “divine proportion” or “golden cut”.

It is therefore related to the appearance of the dimensions, used to analyze proportions and also in systems such as the financial markets.

Φ is also the symbol of “magnetic flux” in physics.

Lowercase f is a music symbol as well. It represents one of the basic dynamic indications, “f” for forte, meaning “loud”.

Names that start with F carry the letter’s attributes and qualities, such as equilibrium, boldness, toughness, and vitality.

The Greek word «φως» (foss), meaning “light”, shows that this letter has a correlation with the good forces of nature, happiness, knowledge and intellectual freedom.

Here you may find some of our choices of radiant and melodic names that start with F for your baby boy or girl.

Boy names starting with F











Girl names starting with F











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