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Of Greek origin.

Derives from the Greek “Χριστός”, Christ.

In the form of Christian it became a given name in the Middle Ages from the Latin name Christianus, meaning a Christian and at that time it was used as a masculine and feminine name.

Since the 15th century ten Danish kings were named Christian.

Feminine forms are: Christiana, Christine, Christina, Christianne, Kristina, Kristine.

Other forms of the name are: Christiano, Chris, Cristian, Cristiano, Kristian, Christián.

Famous bearers are Hans Christian Andersen, Christian Dior, Christian Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, Christian Slater, Christian Louboutin, Christian Kane, Christian Campbell, Christian Jones, Christian Camargo, Christian Borle, Christian Cook, Christian Coulson, Cristiano Da Matta, Christian Vieri, Christian Oliver, Cristiano Marques Gomez.

Christian is a popular name in Denmark and Italy.