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Of Greek origin.

Christine is a French form of the name Christina.

It is a feminine form of the name Christian, from the Latin name “Christiana”.

Other forms of the name are: Kristine, Christina, Christiana, Kristina, Krista, Krystine, Kristi, Tine.

Famous bearers are Christine Baranski, Christine Lahti, Christine McVie, Christine Elise, Christine Woods, Christine Adams, Christine Anu, Christine Amertil, Christine Ohuruogu.

Christine Baranski is an American stage, screen and tv actress.

She has been awarded with Tony and Emmy Awards and has been nominated a total of fourteen times for the Emmy Awards.

She has a long and acclaimed career. Her most recent parts are these in the 2014 film “Into the Woods” and the tv series “The Big Bang Theory” and “The Good Wife”.

In the following video you may watch Christine Baranski’s interview to Jimmy Kimmel TV-show: