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Baby Boy Names Inspired by 2015 Celebrity Dads

Father’s day! We came up with a list of baby boy names inspired by 2015 celebrity dads. If you are struggling to make a decision, just take a look at these popular, handsome, successful men who are also tender, and warm fathers. 

Father’s day is a celebration of a loving bond that lasts for at least two lifetimes. The life of the father and the life of his child.

Nowadays, fathers around the globe realize they can be more than breadwinners. They can go the extra mile – that previous generation haven’t managed to go- and make a profound difference in their child’s life.

They are honoring their role and are actively involved with their child, right from birth, because they realize how important it is to provide emotional security, confidence, and encouragement to them.

Many celebrity dads are setting an excellent example, by spending time with their babies, being nurturing and playful.

This way they encourage independence and self-esteem. They help their children build a healthy personality and grow up to be healthy, happy persons, both physically and mentally.

Check out these dad’s names and you may be inspired.

A list of celebrities who became dads this year may help you decide what will be the name of your magnificent newborn baby boy.


Boy baby names inspired by celebrities that became dads in 2015


Alec – from Alec Baldwin

Benedict – from Benedict Cumberbatch

Chad – from Chad Michael Murray

Chris – from Chris O’ Dowd

Donald – from Donald Faison

Eli – from Eli Manning

Jeremiah – from Jeremiah Brent

Justin – from Justin Timberlake

Kevin – from Kevin James

Mike – from Mike Fisher

Nate – from Nate Berkus

Nick – from Nick Lachey

Ryan – from Ryan Reynolds

Sacha – from Sacha Baron Cohen

Sam – from Sam Worthington

Scott – from Scott Porter

Stanley – from Stanley Tucci

Taran – from Taran Killam

Terrence – from Terrence Howard

Theo – from Theo Rossi

Vin – from Vin Diesel

William – from Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

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