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Female form of the name Charles.

Charlotte was not used in England until the early 18th century.

Other forms, languages and diminutives are Charlotta, Lotte, Lotti, Charlize, Carla, Charlie, Karla, Carol, Carola, Karola, Carlotta, Charline, Charlene, Totty, Sharla, Carlene.

Masculine forms of the name are: Charles, Carl, Carlos, Charlie, Kalle.

Famous bearers are Charlotte Bronte, Charlotte Rampling, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Lotte Lenya, Lotte Reiniger, Lotte Verbeek, Charlotte d’Ambrosie, Charlotte Church, Charlotte Casiraghi, Charlize Theron, Carla Bruni, Charlotte Becker, Charlotte Hudson, Carla Gugino, Charlotte Arnold, Charlotte Martin, Charlotte Asprey, Charline Labonte, Charlotte Coleman, Charlene Holt.

Charlotte is a popular name in New Zealand, Australia, United States, Scotland, Belgium, England, Wales and France.

English actor Charlotte Rampling is an exemplary Charlotte, that very soon in her career became a cinematic icon.

It’s not by luck that her nickname among the “cinephiles”, people who work in the film industry or are passionate about movies, is “the legend”.

Talented, well educated, passionate and at the same time reserved, she played some great roles, working with Paul Newman, Luchino Visconti, Liliana Cavani, Sean Connery, Woody Allen, Sidney Lumet and many more.

In the following trailer of the 2011 film “The Look”, directed by Angelina Maccarone, you may get a glimpse of the film that is dedicated to her personality and personal philosophy, through a “self-portrait through others”: