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Of Greek and/or Hebrew origin.

From the Greek name “Αγνή”, (Hagne), Latinized into Agnes.

Nancy originates from the name Annis, which was the medieval form of the name Agnes, in England.

“Αγνή” means intact, pure, maiden, chaste in Greek.

Also, from the Hebrew name Ann.

When originated from Ann, Nancy derives from the name “Channah”, associated with the name “Hanna”.

Nancy is a name that was always in the Top 1000 names in the USA popularity lists.

Other forms of the name are Nan, Nance, Nancie, Nanette, Nanna, Nanny, Agnes, Anne, Ines, Ann, Anna, Annie, Hannah, Hanna, Inez, Anouk, Anita, Annabella, etc.

Famous bearers are Nancy Travis, Nancy Sinatra, Nancy Ajram, Nancy Allen, Nancy Kerrigan, Nancy Pelosi, Nancy Wilson, Nancy McKeon, Nancy Marchand, Nancy Valen, Nancy Carell, Nancy Walker, Nancy Reagan, Nancy Lopez, etc.