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Baby Names for Boys inspired by Movie Stars

Big stars enjoy the fabulous lifestyle. If you appreciate movie star’s talents and you love Hollywood glamour, then you certainly may find inspiration in these famous actors’ names. Our list has 35 baby names for boys inspired by movie stars. 

One of them may be the best for your dazzling boy.

Cool, intelligent and elegant, these men provide you with strong sparkling names, suitable for your beautiful baby boy.

There are plenty of handsome actors on the big screen, so, one way to help yourself decide is to start by making a short list.

You should try and keep a clear mind when the time comes and you must make the final decision.

Choosing the right name for your child will give him an advantage for life.

Don’t be afraid to choose a name that you think will be suitable for your baby boy, even if it sounds common or weird.

Write down only the names you like and do not get carried away by what other people tell you.

You may, of course, take the advice of friends but only a couple of them who know you well and whose opinion you really value.

These men have the looks, the talent and the wits necessary to perform the characters you enjoy so much.

You have a list of simple, uncommon and beautiful names. One will definitely be perfect for your astonishing baby boy.

Baby names for boys inspired by movie stars

Aaron – from Aaron Eckhart

Alexander – from Alexander Skarsgård

Ashton – from Ashton Kutcher

Ben – from Ben Affleck

Benedict – from Benedict Cumberbatch

Brad – from Brad Pitt

Bradley – from Bradley Cooper

Channing – from Channing Tatum

Charlie – from Charlie Hunnam

Chris – from Chris Hemsworth

Christian – from Christian Cooke

Colin – from Colin Farrell

Daniel – from Daniel Craig

Denzel – from Denzel Washington

George – from George Clooney

Gerard – from Gerard Butler

Idris – from Idris Elba

Jake – from Jake Gyllenhaal

James – from James Franco

Jason – from Jason Statham

Keanu – from Keanu Reeves

Leonardo – from Leonardo di Caprio

Mark – from Mark Wahlberg

Matt – from Matt Damon

Matthew – from Matthew McConaughey

Michael – from Michael Fassbender

Ramon – from Ramon Rodriguez

Robert – from Robert Downey Jr.

Ryan – from Ryan Gosling

Sam – from Sam Worthington

Shia – from Shia LaBeouf

Tom – from Tom Hardy

Vin – from Vin Diesel

Will – from Will Smith

Zac – from Zac Efron

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